Almoustapha I. Maiga

Viro Secretary General Mali

Grade: PharmD, PhD
Dr. Almoustapha I. MAIGA, PhD, is Pharmacy Doctor, molecular virologist and Senior Research Lecture in Virology in Mali. Dr. Maiga has conducted medical research for about the last 10 years to understand the molecular epidemiology of HIV drug resistance, clinical and biological management of HIV infected patients and other viral diseases. He is the Director of the Department of Medical Biology at the teaching and University hospital of Gabriel Toure in Bamako. He is also the Head of Molecular and Epidemiology of HIV drug resistance laboratory at the University Clinical Research Center and the Research and Training Center for HIV/Tuberculosis at the University of Sciences Techniques and Technologies of Bamako (USTTB). He is the vice President of the National Committee for HIV treatment and clinical management in Mali with the Ministry of Health. He is member in many international societies (SAA, ICASA, AFRAVIH, IAS, EACS, RESAPSI, Seeding Labs and others). He is also member of scientific committee of many regional and international conferences in worldwide and scientific groups (ANRS AC11/12, SOLTHIS, Expertise France and others). He is collaborating with Northwestern University in Chicago, Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital at UPMC in Paris and institutions. He is author and co-authors of more than 40 peer reviews papers regionals and in internationals journals.